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Taekwondo is an excellent form of exercise for young people because it makes thorough use of the entire body. Our warm up exercises and kicking drills develop flexibility and stamina. Practicing with the arms and the legs builds balance and coordination. As a result of consistent training, most children become significantly stronger in a relatively short period of time. If your child participates in other sports, Tae Kwon Do will certainly enhance their overall performance.

Tae Kwon Do is an ideal form of physical training because it challenges all major fitness components including strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination in one complete workout.


When we praise and encourage students we help them to develop a positive belief in their abilities. We try to raise their self esteem and boost their confidence so that they become more willing to try new things, meet new people and ultimately, to make new friends! Confidence also affects the way your child will carry themselves publicly and privately. They are less likely to be negatively persuaded, picked on or bullied.


The rules and regulations that we follow in our dojang are not just ancient traditions, but modern day habits of courtesy and respect. When we direct students to bow sincerely, answer respectfully, and to be quiet while others are practicing, we are encouraging habits that are be appreciated by parents, teachers and coaches. Educating your child on the importance of being a “good partner” when training with others provides them with a valuable life skill. Remember too, that the best form of respect is to give one’s best effort to the task at hand.


The structure and format of taekwondo classes are perfect for developing a greater attention span and the ability to block out distractions. We encourage our students to maintain eye contact, listen carefully to directions and be aware of the individual(s) they are interacting with. This is especially important during our training sessions. These habits are highly beneficial traits that improve learning in both the academic classroom and our dojang.


Grandmaster Jeong has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for almost 40 years and as a family man with two children, he appreciates the importance of having fun!

  • Our students participate in fast, energetic training sessions filled with little competitions, partner activities and cheers.

  • We facilitate birthday party celebrations filled with games, active play and physical challenges.

  • Our students are invited to compete in exciting “invitational” tournament and competitive tournaments.

  • We also host an annual Christmas party where our family members (students) are invited to share all of their talents beyond Tae Kwon Do.

  • We offer summer camps that involve TaeKwonDo, crafts, swimming, bowling and other fun activities.

  • We offer seasonal Adult “fun nights” where you drop your kids off and we entertain them so that you can have some night-time adult fun for yourself.

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